Mens Thistle Buttonhole

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Mens Thistle Buttonhole

Why do Bridegrooms wear wedding buttonholes?

The tradition of wedding buttonholes, as with all wedding flowers, originates from ancient Greece. The male wedding party members would wear a small bunch of flowers, usually mixed with fragrant herbs, pinned close to their heart to ward off evil spirits. It was believed that these evil spirits would cause the groom to turn his heart against the bride and refuse to love her. Buttonholes travelled to England during Medieval times. Knights of the realm would wear their lady’s colours upon their chest to show their everlasting love and commitment. Even without their Armour, these colours would be displayed on their left lapel, just as they are still worn by grooms today.

While a simple rose or carnation was good enough for the job 10 years ago, now we’re seeing much more exotic flowers being used to pretty up outfits, such as lilies, orchids and even funky new snowberries!

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